About Us
ZHUHAI JINBO KECHUANG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD (in short: JINBO) was founded in 1993, covers 20,000 square meters production plant, two sub-factories and 350 employees. Equipped with Automatic Production Line, Automatic Soldering Soldering Machine and EMC testing laboratory...etc., we are producing 5,000,000 pcs of various power supplies & controller for LED lighting and signage annually.

Quality is always the most important issue for a manufacturing factory like us, we comprehend and fulfill it well into our entire production process: In aspect of production process: Conducting 6 Sigma and ISO9001 quality control system, which help us to reduce the defective rate during the production, and also improve the performing stability while the power supplies are working behind your lighting fixture. In aspect of raw materials selection and supplying: we are located in downtown of ZHUHAI city, Guangdong Province, China, wherewith highly developed supply chains of various electronic components and hardware parts, by 20 years experienced & skilled purchasing and excellent cooperative relationship with raw material suppliers, we always on priority at our materials partners which enables the shortest lead time and help our clients to catch every sales opportunity. In aspect of inspection: each of our power supply to pass 5 inspections before we deliver to customers, 100% burn-in test.

With mature R&D technology and high production capabilities, we eager to be your reliable option of power supplies and hope to build a long term partnership with together.

Our Advantages
- Experienced in LED and sign power industry for 17 years. Independent Export/import licensed factory.
- As a famous brand in China local market, most export models have been quality proven in China national market.
- Operating 3 factories: produce LED Power Supply, LED driver and other accessories.
- All always have stock for regular models, very fast delivery.
Welcome to work with us!
Tel: +86-756-2256343  Fax: +86-756-2256723 Post Code: 519090
Address: 163 Xiaolin Road, Hongqi, Jinwan, Zhuhai, Guangdong, China   E-mail: info@zhjb.com
Website: www.zhjb.com   
Products Range: LED Power Supply, LED Driver, LED Controller, Power Supply, Switching Power Supply, SMPS, LED Materials, Neon Transformer, Neon Materials