Two New Series of Power Supplies Released

We are pleased to announce that we have 2 new series joining JINBO’s product family:
A. Plastic casing “PA” Series
Heat is not generated much when power supply wattage is less than 100W, thus plastic case would be an economical choice and budget friendly for users, also it doesn’t need earth-link, easier for installation.

Products range: 5W-15W-36W-60W-100W

B. Slim Aluminum Housing “KS” Series.
Modern designed LED light boxes is thin, often requires the power supplies be narrow and thin shape, so that the PSU could be installed inside of the LED light boxes. But narrow shape limits the components’ layout, also when it is working inside the light boxes, no air flow to help PSU to cooling down, thus its technical requirement is much higher than standard indoor power supplies. After our strong R&D team’s 6 months developing, now we are happy to release this new series with confidence.

Products Range: 120W-200W-300W-400W


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