The new factory has been running perfectly for 18 months.

Grand Opening of our New Factory Marks a New Chapter of Growth and Innovation.

[Zhuhai, 04/2023] – We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of our new factory construction, marking a significant milestone in our company's journey. With an 18-month timeline from its inception in 2017 to the finalization in 2021, we have now settled into our new premises since October 2021. This cutting-edge facility not only represents our commitment to progress but also signifies a leap forward in enhancing our production capabilities.

The new factory boasts several remarkable additions that have revolutionized our operations. We have established a new laboratory, enabling us to conduct extensive research and development to drive innovation in our products. Furthermore, we have expanded our production lines and incorporated advanced equipment that has significantly bolstered our efficiency, resulting in a remarkable fivefold increase in our production capacity.

Equally important to us is the welfare of our dedicated workforce. With the construction of new workers' dormitories, we have ensured that our employees now enjoy vastly improved living conditions. Their comfort and well-being remain a top priority for us, as we believe that a supportive environment leads to enhanced productivity and job satisfaction.

As we emerge from the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we extend a warm invitation to our esteemed clients, both existing and prospective, to visit our new factory. We are eager to showcase our cutting-edge facilities, demonstrate our enhanced production capabilities, and discuss how we can continue to meet and exceed their expectations.

This new chapter in our company's history is a testament to our unwavering commitment to growth, innovation, and delivering excellence to our valued customers. We look forward to a prosperous future and continuing to be a leader in our industry.

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